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May 14th, 2015

Crazy Horse Florida

Florida, its been too long. Yall are pretty crazy and I love that about you because so am I…Will you be there during the above dates? I sure hope so because I will be live dancing on stage and signing autographs all night long as well as giving naughty lappys- xoxo

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2015-03-30 14:09:03

“Just Because” Gifts

Listen up boys; I have a secret to tell you. Girls love receiving sentimental gifts. Not just on their birthdays, not just on Valentine’s Day and not just on Christmas. Every now and then, a girl appreciates receiving a “just because” gift from her man. It doesn’t have to be a big splurge; y...

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Tue Mar 31 09:27:46 Goodnight ?????????????? dream hard and cream hard with...

Tue Mar 31 09:24:19 ???? thanks penthouse for having us! ???????????? https...

Tue Mar 31 01:31:37 RT @PenthouseClubWA: @SPH1967 @tashareign @MissBellaMar...

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