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October 24th, 2014

Cheerleaders Pittsburgh

I am dancing for you next month in PA at CHEERLEADERS gentlemen's club! Go check it out---->

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2014-10-15 16:29:45

Did you know four of our former United States Presidents were cheerleaders?

That got me thinking:  since I’m appearing live, in-person at Cheerleaders Pittsburg on the 24th and 25th of October, maybe I will run for president one day! My unique talents sure would make negotiations and leadership interesting, to say the least, and my domestic and foreign policies will defi...

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Tue Oct 21 01:26:12 RT @bdsrx8: @TashaReign My heart?

Tue Oct 21 01:17:15 I'm not allowed to have nice things... I break everythi...

Tue Oct 21 00:59:56 RT @kuhnclassic: @FantasyHD @PornPros Will the gangbang...

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