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May 14th, 2015

Crazy Horse Florida

Florida, its been too long. Yall are pretty crazy and I love that about you because so am I…Will you be there during the above dates? I sure hope so because I will be live dancing on stage and signing autographs all night long as well as giving naughty lappys- xoxo

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2015-03-25 18:14:17

Sex in Heels

There is something about having sex with my heels on that really gets me going – especially if they’re a super sexy pair. It could be that I just love looking at them while my legs are in the air, or that they make me feel extra feminine and girly, or even that sometimes they give me extra lever...

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Sun Mar 29 06:38:47 RT @Corvette2011GS: @tashareign pulled me on stage and ...

Sun Mar 29 02:36:26 RT @Corvette2011GS: @tashareign I'm finally here! After...

Sun Mar 29 02:34:41 RT @Ariology: @tashareign hope the power is on tonite s...

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What is your favorite sex position?
Reverse Cowgirl
Pile Driver

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