Tasha Reign Gets Fucked for Valentine's Day

Updated: 2015.02.14

Tasha Reign is back with part 2 of 2, from my special Valentine's Day feature! James and I have wined and dined each other, and I've already shown him how thankful I am for dinner by giving his cock goodnight kisses... only it's not time for goodnight just yet! It's all over but the fucking, so that's about all we do, for this entire 35 minute video! Enjoy Valentine's Day!

Starring: Tasha Reign, James Dean     Length: 00:35:46

Tasha Reign's V-Date with James, part 1

Updated: 2015.02.13

Tasha Reign fans should feel special this year - because here comes part one, of my hot date with James Dean! If you thought naughty nudes was the end of the Valentine's Day surprise, oh no - it's only the beginning! And for that matter, so is this - just the beginning, of me getting giggly and wet, while imagining being taken by James! After a little sunset and wine, we were ready to... well, we were ready to do a lot of things! Come back tomorrow for the rest!

Starring: Tasha Reign, James Dean     Length: 00:37:37

Tasha Reign In the Valentine's Spirit!

Updated: 2015.02.11

Tasha Reign is about to have a very good Valentine's Day, and I want you to share in the fun! This video is about how much I like to swallow things... with both ends of my body! I especially like hard, smooth, things - you could say my body treats them like candy! I like it when my body makes them all slippery inside me, and sucking them off afterwards!

Starring: Tasha Reign     Length: 00:07:45

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