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My Stats & Info

My Birthday: January 15th
Height: 5' 4"
Bust Size: 32D
Pant Size: 24"
Shoe Size: 7.5
Clothing/Lingerie Size: XS or 0/2
Relationship Status: Single as Fuck!
Favorite Colors: Lavender and Baby Blue
Favorite Restaurants: Chipolte and In N Out
Favorite Hobbies: I love arts & crafts, lingerie, heels, adult toys, animals, electronics and reading

I live for experiences, I love to do memorable activities, luxurious travel being one of them!

Hey you - my name is Tasha Reign. I’m a XXX actress, model, and your personal sex vixen! Let’s get to know one another on a whole new and sexually gratifying level like never before, shall we? First, I’m going to lure you in by introducing you to my nice side... and then I’m going to capture you completely when my naughty side comes out to play!

Born and raised in sunny Laguna Beach, California, I’m a Southern California beach girl at heart. I love to spend the majority of my days tanning in the sand and designing the perfect sexual experiences, images, videos, and blogs, all just for you. I totally enjoy hanging out with my girlfriends and having cuddly slumber parties, playing in the great outdoors... and, of course, having SEX! Partying, traveling, lounging, and hanging out with my kittens and my fans are currently my favorite things. Yoga is an extracurricular activity that has helped me become extremely flexible in more way then one, if you know what I mean... and I plan on showing you the full package when you enter my world.

Behind closed doors, I have a side that no one has seen until now... I have always been a true exhibitionist and honestly love what I do! Making dirty movies, taking sexy photos, and writing about my adventures are all what I love doing to keep you entertained and mesmerized! My virtual playground will allow you to see a much wilder, kinkier, and more intense version of my sexuality, all bundled up in one place - and I am so turned on that you want to come inside!

Sexy lovers, welcome to my very own personal website! This is my only OFFICIAL site, where I direct and produce exclusive hardcore content just for you, straight from my mischievous mind. My sexual desires are 100% real; they are all my own, and now they can be yours too. Letting you into my intimate online home means I can expose you to an in-depth look into what I want out of sex, and ultimately how dirty I can be. Let my fantasies become your reality when you join me in my journey to reign over your desires. Let’s go inside and take a ride together.

I love working out in pilates and cardio aerobics classes, as well as outdoors, like hikes and fun activities! Amongst my lovely hobbies, eating is one of my absolute favorites! "Chipotle"….Specifically the vegetarian burrito bowl! Also "In N Out", grilled cheese and fries please! Although I do love dating and getting to know someone too. My favorite things to do on a date, include but are not limited to: eating, kissing, sex, amusement parks(Disney Land), playing with animals, and fine dining!

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